* Do cardio. Run on the treadmill, follow an aerobics video, take a dance class.

* Just walk. Walk for a consecutive hour a day. Or in two, half-hour stretches. 

* Play sports; they take away from the tediousness of exercise.

* Do some strength training, like squats and pushups. Squats are great for your legs, and pushups help with flabby arms. Try a ‘girl pushup’ if you can’t do the regular kind, where you’re on your knees instead of toes.

* Do lunges. This single exercise works the abs, butt, hips and thighs all at once. 

* Do sit-ups and crunches to tone and strengthen your abs.

* Some light weight lifting helps build a little muscle, and muscle provides a long-term boost to your metabolism. 

* Switch it up. Don’t stick to the same exercise routine every single day. Variation helps your body burn.