By Eman Osman

The worst kind of people in a community are the ones who only think about themselves. The whole point of co-existing within a community is to help others and let others help you, to give and not necessarily receive. It’s a sacrifice we all should consider taking every once in a while.

1- Be Clean

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and don’t throw your finished bag of chips on the sidewalk. Either find a trash-can and bin it in there or wait until you get home. And if you think “One bag of chips isn’t gonna harm anyone”, then just know that thousands of other people are thinking the exact same thing.

Another thing you could do is clean up after others. Not everyone is aware of the harmful effects of trash. So why not be the bigger person and do something about it?

2- Separate Your Trash

Glass. Plastic. Paper. Residual Waste.

It’s not that hard.

3- Parking

You will do everyone a favor if you don’t take up two parking spots instead of one. Also, the second line is not a parking space. Get going!

4- Feed Strays

This is a perfect opportunity for animal lovers. It will help them survive and it will make you feel better.

Even if you’re not an animal lover, this is still in your favor. The cats and dogs don’t get to go through your trash and make a mess in front of your doorstep.

5- Leftovers & Portion Sizes

When ordering food, you shouldn’t throw away the leftovers but instead either save them for a midnight snack or give it away to the poor.

But, let’s hold on a second and talk about portion sizes. I know there is always the worry that the food isn’t going to be enough, but it’s always very clear what is right and what is just too much. People don’t eat as much as one anticipates, so please be very careful with the amount of food you cook. If it’s not enough, you can always make more.

6- Volume

There is absolutely no need to honk unnecessarily, neither does anyone enjoy you putting down your windows and playing music on the maximum volume. You’re a disturbance to everything and everyone around and it just causes a big headache.

7- Generally Be Kind

There is no shame in spreading kind words and complimenting people for no reason. When showing others affection and warmth, you will get it back and it will travel through the people you gave it to.

There is a certain kind of power that comes with privilege which should never be underestimated. With it, you can do so much more than you think.