We will not talk new movies effehat here, but rather old and sometimes black and white movies and plays. We will go back to the good old days when cinema positively affected the society; when people were more decent and life was much simpler.

Our go to phrase when someone does something stupid, or when embarrassed in public.
Adel Emam – Madraset el Moshaghbeen
My all time favorite, bearing in mind how short I am, 154 cm. My mom used to make me watch this movie all the time just to hear this effeh. And I grow up preferring to be osayara w oz3a than taweela w habla.
Abd El Moneim Matbouly – Motarda Gharameya

Dedicated to all students, summer is coming to an end, yes you will have to study and succeed! Don’t listen to the legend Saed Saleh in El 3eyal Kebret, he was such a trouble maker.

Saed Saleh – El 3eyal Kebret
When you know you are in a toxic relationship and people blame you for keeping up with your partner.
Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz – El Keif
When we try so hard to act as innocent as possible even though we know exactly who caused all the trouble.
Adel Emam – Madraset el Moshaghbeen
Need to not to speak as it’s self explanatory; our reaction to almost everything nowadays.
Saed Saleh – El 3eyal Kebret
When we regret something too bad, but we try to make ourselves feel better about it; we remember…
Abd El Moneim Matbouly – El 7afeed
I lost count of how many times I said this statement in reply to my friends’ truly uninteresting plans.
Estefan Rosti – Sayedat Al Qasr
You know how you sometimes meet people who act so decent in front of your parents and another way when you are alone.
Tawfik El Deqn
When you can’t help but make fun of your friend who is just messing everything up and you are trying to be smart about it.
Dr. Shedid – Esha3et 7ob


This article is dedicated solely to give credit to those who added humor to our lives for years and years to come. Thank you legends.