According to different media sources and social media platforms, several websites were allegedly blocked from Egypt yesterday, making them inaccessible to all. It’s still unclear if these allegations are true. People, as usual are divided, some supporting this decision while others are attacking it. The reason as announced is:

The 21 websites were banned because they support terrorism, spread lies and rumors! However, some security sources allegedly say that those websites were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by Qatar like “Ekhwan Online”, “Qatarian News agency” alongside with “Al Jazzerah, Hammas and Al Horyah post”.

Other websites, like “Mada Egypt”  have no known connection to the Islamists or Qatar but were also blocked, as reported on their official Facebook post. They said and we quote “We have confirmed from our technical partners that our website has been blocked. A reset packet has been injected into connections to our domain through multiple service providers. We are yet to trace the exact source of the attack, but it took place as news unfolded that the government blocked 21 websites in Egypt for supporting terrorism and spreading lies.”

There was no official confirmation/denial concerning the alleged blockage from the Egyptian Ministry of Communication.

Some are still accessible through their English or international versions, as only their Arabic sites were blocked.