Egypt is truly the land of wonders. Egyptians are quite unique; they have the ability to mock themselves and crack jokes even at the darkest situations. Here are examples of things you will only find in Egypt…

Egypt is the only country where:

1- People on the street keep telling you “Kol Sana Wenta Tayeb” all year round; we simply like to celebrate each and every day of our lives!

2- People use the word “Lamo2a7’za”, which means “Excuse my French”, between every other word even though they are not saying anything rude! Because the word is so popular in Egypt , we made a movie called “Lamo2a7’za”!

3- You can often spot the brilliant bread-delivery guy riding a bicycle while balancing a big bread basket over his head; he can manoeuvre really well between cars. We Egyptians have an excellent sense of balance!.

4- You can drink juice from a small plastic bag using a straw! Necessity is the mother  of invention!

5- Newspapers can have multipurpose. Besides reading, they can be used to clean windows or absorb the excess oil from fried potato chips!

6- You find the least production of horror movies; and this is because Egyptians simply don’t fear anything!


7- A potential groom meets his potential bride in the company of his mummy !! This is because the only thing that Egyptian men might fear is marriage.

8-The usual reason why a girl did not get married is because “ma3moul laha 3amal”!


9- A bridge is an official location for wedding celebrations; this is because the simplest things make Egyptians happy.