As wedding prices are on the rise, a lot of couples have been contemplating spending the wedding’s budget or even half of it on their honeymoon instead. While couples think of honeymoon destinations, they sometimes fail to realize the amount of beauty we have in the country we live in. Let me tell you how Egypt is such an underrated, underestimated honeymoon destination.

The go to destinations for some, if not all couples, are Maldives, Bali, Bahamas, Thailand, Greece or those cruise ships that visit different countries. What’s common between all of those destinations is the isolation, or in other words, the places where the newlyweds could relax and disconnect. As a bride to be, this is one of the main debates I face right now; should I go abroad for the honeymoon, or are there places where I can equally enjoy my honeymoon in Egypt.

So after a long research, I decided to help those who are struggling with the same issue. Here’s the thing; there are places in Egypt that are much more beautiful than those we might visit abroad.

Sahl Hashish

This is like the heaven of the Red Sea. It’s as peaceful as a place can get, yet lively in every way. There are certain hotels that include private pools for each suite/room, which is believed to be the best option for all the honeymooners. In an another setting, the best pool/beach parties were thrown at Sahl Hashish, giving the visitors one of the best partying experiences.

El Gouna

Their slogan is the truest slogan I’ve ever come across: “Life as it should be”. As Gouna lovers also call it; it’s a “state of mind”. This place combines everything in one setting: isolation, fun, partying, and much more. You can take a cruise to one of protectorates in the middle of the Red Sea, or you can meet new people on the Catamaran. You call, and they answer your dreams.


Like Sahl Hashish, there are hotels in Hurghada that offer rooms with their own private pool. As mentioned earlier, it’s ideal for honeymooners who appreciate isolation and privacy in their honeymoon.

Sharm El Sheikh

Where everything happens. Get lost watching those sea corals while you are on a cruise trip. Go back to party at night at one of the bay’s clubs. As you can also go go-karting with your partner to have the experience together for the first time. You can also go for a safari in the desert, and the best part is you can choose whether you want to watch the sunset or the sunrise. Always go for sunrise though!  


Get into the zen mode with your spouse before you have to go back to the life business! Enjoy each other’s company as well as the generosity of the Bedouins. And I don’t need to mention the beauty of the undersea life there.


If you and your partner are into camping, then Nuweiba is the place to go. It’s just you, your partner, and your bungalow. There are more camps than you can count, all of which are by the sea and offer their own programs. I would say give it a look and pack your bags and go. Best part is, it’s not as costly as you might think.


You might get to see our borders from there. First of, its historical value is enough to make you want to visit. Second, you will feel like you left the country for the honeymoon. Thank me later.


Of course we’ve all heard about that hotel in Fayoum, and if you didn’t, I’m telling you now. The hotel where no one will be able to reach you on the phone. You will truly disconnect from the outer world, and all you’ll be left to do is enjoy God’s creation and yourselves.


Two words: Sand Bath!

Luxor and Aswan

Go watch Grand Hotel series and you will know the royalty you will be staying at. Or watch Baba movie and look at the adventures and the history you’ll get to experience and learn about.

There are a lot of other places you can visit in Egypt that would leave you speechless. The beauty of those places is that most of them are close to each other, so you can visit more than one place on your way to the other. Take the opportunity you are offered and discover the gems of Egypt with your spouse to-be.