By the beginning of next semester, the Egyptian education sector will witness upgrades to the education system; both in the secondary and higher education.

The Ministry of Education stressed that all sectors supervising public and private high schools should inform the parents about the required documents for the 3rd secondary school merging system, in order to facilitate the merging process for the students and their families alike.

Below are the required documents for admission to the merging system:

  1. Proof of registry—stamped by the school and the municipal stamp
  2. An updated IQ test for the student
  3. A photocopy of the parent’s and the student’s national IDs
  4. A medical examination is requested from students of all governorates except Cairo
  5. Results for auditory and visual tests

It’s stressed that the admission dates should not exceed the preset date: January 1st, 2019.

As for the requirements for admission, they may be considered a bit excessive by some. There are, however, valid reasons behind them.

The requirements ensure that the students find it easy to integrate in the final year of school, preparing Egyptian students for the next stage of their education process.

As for higher education, according to the Ministry of Higher Education, the number of public colleges in Egypt has increased to 26 universities, including the University of Al-Wadi El-Gedid and the University of Matrouh. As for the number of faculties nationwide, it has increased from 465 faculties to 484 faculties.

The increase in the numbers of governmental college institutions is a welcomed enhancement to the capacity of colleges in Egypt.

This is supposed to permit faculties to accept a larger number of applicants, whether in public or private colleges. The ministry added that their efforts led to increased investment in the education sector, amounting to 500 million pounds.

It’s great to see that the education system in Egypt is getting an upgrade. The investment and upgrade in the education system should help Egyptian students enjoy a revamped, smoother education process.

Sources: Al Shrouk

Al-Masry Al-Youm