On Monday, April 1st, another case of animal abuse went viral. But this time, it’s very different.

Usually animal abusers are either inhuman people who don’t believe in animal rights  to begin with, or are those who think it’s the right thing to do – for some reason -.

In both cases, they are a bunch of abusers and murders. No matter what the justifications and labels are.

However, this time, the animal KILLER is an actual veterinarian; a doctor who’s supposed to TREAT animals.

Instead the Veterinary Medicine student at Aswan University disregarded her profession and her humanity, aborting a pregnant cat and killing her unborn babies after performing a cesarean surgery. Why?

Well, the said ‘respected doctor’ just felt like it and apparently wanted to play with her equipment a little in order to torture the poor animal and ‘have fun’ seeing the unborn little ones.

Sick, right? Well, it doesn’t stop here.

The said “doctor” also took some really graphic photos of the horrible procedure. Photographing the dead cat, her intestines, as well as the dead unborn kittens.

Not just that, she apparently even thought that it was FUN and NORMAL to post such cruelness on her now-deleted-Facebook-account.

After her horrendous post went viral, many people went crazy angry and almost all animal rights groups are petitioning to have her membership in the Veterinarians Syndicate revoked.

Which is the least punishment such a murderer should face. But If you thought what was just said is the worst that could happen, just wait for it:

After she published her crime online, some of her friends literally commented with jokes and she replied back with humor and sarcasm.

Words cannot even describe how appalled we are. We’re definitely aware that there are people among us who are sick and insensitive.

But taking pride and finding humor in that insensitivity is beyond anything we could ever think of.

The comments – as always – were split between those who saw no wrong in the crime she committed and those whose minds still cannot wrap themselves around such heartlessness and inhumanity.

Some sources and news outlets confirmed that Aswan University commented on the horrible incident and owned up to it.

‘Claiming’ that the student was performing anatomy in class and that the cat was already sick and nearing death.

Adding to that the fact that the student is under investigation and that the university is looking into the case.

However, it’s not because she basically murdered the poor animal and her babies, but for publishing it online which is considered a violation.

With that being said and even if all of that is true, that she did not commit such crime on purpose and for the fun of it; does all that justify anything? Absolutely not.

Not even in a million years. Why?

Well, first of all, let’s say she was really performing whatever surgery/anatomy; as a “vet”, how on earth is posting about it online okay or acceptable?

That’s a point. Another one, why the hell is she bragging about it and cracking such insensitive jokes with her friends?

Most importantly, why are some people carelessly reacting to the situation?

And finally, the problem is not even an individual one anymore. Before it was about the animals export, then we moved to the case of some neighborhoods – a whole community – teaming up to kill and poison stray dogs and cats.

And now, even VETS are heartlessly killing them? What’s wrong with you people? What have animals ever done to you? Why are animal rights almost always disregarded? Some people are treating those creatures as if they exist for us to kill and torture them for entertainment.

Just when you try to think there’s hope with all those animal lovers and advocates as well as animal rights groups on Facebook; you find DOCTORS committing such horrible crimes.

What happened to humanity? What are we turning to? Please stop this madness, we need to move and do something about it.

Groups and campaigns are apparently not enough. Thousands of poor and helpless animals are still being abused and murdered almost every single day in Egypt, and no one is doing anything about it.

We write, publish posts, leave comments and run campaigns on social media, but nothing is changing.

Such incidents need to be incriminated; whether doctors or others need to face legal actions and be seriously punished because enough is enough.