Fit&Fix is specialized in car tire service and maintenance, Fit & Fix launched a campaign last week on social media about tire maintenance and check-ups and it has created a huge buzz and reached around 500,000 views till now, Check it on their facebook:

The campaign aims to raise awareness on the subject and to help educate people on its importance, and how thousands of car accidents can easily be avoided and many lives saved.

This campaign comes as part of Fit&Fix’s corporate social responsibility activities, which adopt and endorse road safety and public awareness on the important role that tire maintenance plays in achieving road safety and avoiding car accidents.  


Egypt is the top-ranked country in the world in road accidents . A large percentage of these accidents are a direct result of the lack of regular tire maintenance and inspections


It is noteworthy that the Fit&Fix tire maintenance and checkups awareness campaign will be followed with educational and awareness videos on how to ensure the safety of car tires and how to look after them.