Saudi Arabia

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently warned Egyptians against possessing banned narcotics or controlled drugs in Saudi Arabia.

This came after a recent series of drastic sentences issued against Egyptians in Saudi Arabia for drug-related convictions.

It is worth mentioning that under the Saudian laws, drug-related crimes are punishable by up to death penalties.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the following official warning statement:

“Foreign ministry warns against the consequences of obtaining or possessing narcotic substances or drugs prohibited under Saudi laws while traveling or residing in the kingdom”.

The ministry also released a list of the controlled substance and drugs in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This included several pharmaceutical drugs.

Additionally, Al Ahram Online, the ministry has also urged travelers to the Gulf Kingdom, travel agencies, recruitment firms, and even import and export companies to be extra cautious regarding this crucial matter.

It is understandable why the Egyptian ministry is taking this issue seriously. According to the Saudi interior ministry, last month, Saudi Arabia executed three Egyptians convicted of smuggling banned drugs including amphetamine pills.

This is not all, according to what Human Rights Watch said in April 2018, since 2014, Saudi Arabia has carried out around 600, over 200 cases of them were drug-related cases!

This issue is as crucial and drastic as the ministry makes out to be, so it is essential for everyone traveling to be extra careful, for your own safety.