Dogs and cats

On Wednesday, it was announced that the General Organization for Veterinary Services has approved the export of 4,100 stray dogs and cats FOR MEAT CONSUMPTION to different countries. It seems that as of this year -for the first time ever- Egypt will officially be a stray dogs and cats exporting country!

Last October, a member of the Egyptian Parliament suggested that Egypt should start exporting stray dogs and cats for meat consumption to countries like Korea.

The suggestion supposedly came as a ‘solution’ to Egypt’s growing population of stray dogs and cats, justifying the export by saying that it’s better than shooting or poisoning the animals.

To our surprise, the suggestion was very quick to get approved as the Ministry of Agriculture is currently getting the animals ready for shipping through vaccinations, issuing health certificates and passports.

On another note, Dr. Omar Tamam -Professor of Natural Reserves- at El Sadat University suggested that the purpose of the export could be for scientific research which will only last for about one or two years. Hmm, like that makes the whole situation any better!

Sources from Al Masry Al Youm assure that there are absolutely no existing legal, legitimate or international contraventions that would stop or forbid the export. But does all of that justify it?

However, on Saturday November 24th, the Ministry of Agriculture has denied the fact that they’ve already started with the procedures mentioned above. (The vaccinations and certificates).

But on the other hand, so far no one has firmly denied that the export is actually going to happen, which definitely still says a lot!

How horrible is that? It seems that no one is going to stand up for this extreme animal rights violation! Should we pretend that it’s normal? What a shame! No conscience!!!

Sources: Al Masry Al Youm
Al Ahram Gate