Egyptian Actors

Right now the entertainment scene in Egypt is full of big stars and it has been the same way for the past couple of decades. Between the faces we’ve known all our lives and the new ones, there’s so much talent!

For that reason, and specifically, after the news about Ahmed El-Saka and Amir Karara’s collaboration in Mohamed Samy’s “Nasl El-Aghrab” broke out; we feel that more stars need to work together by now because we’re pretty sure their collaboration will result in huge and awesome productions!

1- Ahmed El-Saka and Karim Abd El-Aziz

Can you imagine if we got a movie that features those two? It’s probably going to be the most anticipated movie ever! Both have always indulged us in their humorous and action-packed performances, but separately. We can’t even begin to imagine how it’s going to be like if they collaborated!

2- Ahmed Ezz and Amir Karara

Disclaimer: This picture was taken on the set of “El-Mamar”, not from a production that involves both of them!

There have been ongoing rumors about a “feud” between the two, however, all that aside, seeing them together on the big screen (or even the small one, to be honest), is surely going to be special, and well, action-packed, for obvious reasons.

3- Dina El-Sherbiny and Mona Zaki

Dina El-Sherbiny has been a rising star for the past few years, but in the last couple, she officially became the leading actress (besides Yousra, of course) in the Ramadan season. Which is why we really want to see her featured in a film or a series with Mona Zaki who has been the leading actress in Egypt for the past 20 years!

It’s true that they were both part of “Afrah El-Obba“, but the scenes that brought them together were very few! And basically, we need to see both star and perform alongside each other in a big production.

4- Mohamed Heneidy and Ahmed Helmy

Both are comedy kings; their movies are timeless and will forever be engraved in our memories. But can you imagine how double-the-fun it would be if they starred in a motion picture together? We have a feeling that the idea isn’t so far fetched!

5- Tamer Hosny and Ahmed El-Saka

Ahmed El-Saka and Tamer Hosny have always been buddies, and both of them guest-starred in each other’s productions “El-Felous” and “Weld El-Ghalaba“. And that kind of proves there’s hope for both of them to collaborate in a big production. We can’t wait for it to happen!

6- Asser Yassin and Amina Khalil

With Amina Khalil killing it at the moment in “Leh La2” and Asser Yassin’s long cycle of huge successes, we think a production that features the couple will be beyond amazing. Especially, if it’s a romantic comedy! Don’t you think?

Those are the stars we honestly can’t wait to see collaborate in big productions soon! Each of them is individually brilliant with iconic movies under their belt, but can you imagine how it’s going to be like if they star alongside each other? Let us know who else you can’t wait to see collaborate together!