Egyptian Celebrities

Every era in the Egyptian entertainment scene has a number of celebrities who look alike, big time. Do you guys remember when we would get confused between Mona Zaki and Hanan Tork when we were little?

And the thing is that, they don’t usually look THAT similar. It’s just that they give us the same vibes, in a way. So we thought: Why not make a list of those Egyptian celebrities who used to/are giving us the same ‘lookalike’ vibes?

#1 Mohamed Adel vs Mohamed El-Kilany vs Mohamed Hatem

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Mohamed Adel and El-Kilany are both actors and singers, while Hatem is an actor. The three of them have sparked confusion between people because of the similarities in their features + hair. Especially ever since Adel and Hatem have joined the entertainment scene.
Both Adel and Hatem were featured in the hit Egyptian TV series “Abo El-3arousa“. As for El-Kilany, he recently starred in “Karmen“, but he has been mainly known for his hit song “T3’eeb“.

#2 Ghada Abdel Razek vs Wafaa Amer

Egyptian Celebrities

We’re not saying we can’t tell the difference or anything; but let’s all admit it: For so long now, we have all been noticing the similarities between both actresses, not just in the overall look, similar hair colors and attitude; but also in the height!

#3 Ahmed Khaled vs Youssef Othman

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian CelebritiesEgyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Both actors have been and are still recognized for their very early works, since they were both child actors. Ahmed Khaled starred in Karim Abdel Aziz’s “Wahed Men El-Nas” while Youssef Othman was the famous kid from Laila Elwi’s “Baheb El-Cima“.
Now, they are fully back in the scene! Recently, Khaled starred as Yasser Galal’s son in Ramadan’s “Lams Aktaf“. And Youssef Othman, other than being featured in works like Sherin Reda’s “Photocopy“, he also has his own YouTube channel where he talks about football!

#4 Sayed Ragab vs Mohamed Abo El-Wafa

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Before the late Mohamed Abo El-Wafa passed away, people would sometimes mix him up with Sayed Ragab. Because, like the rest of the celebrities on the list, they don’t just look a bit alike, they kind of have the same aura too. And on top of that, their roles are quite similar.
Take Abo El-Wafa’s look, acting and role in “Younes” and Ragab’s in “Nesr El-Se3id” as an example!

#5 Ahmed El-Saadany vs Mohamed Emam

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Hear us out: Like the rest of the list, Ahmed El-Saadany and Mohamed Emam don’t exactly look alike. However, back in the day we would get a bit confused between the two of them. Because first, both are the sons of huge names in the Egyptian cinema; Salah El-Saadany and Adel Emam.
Second, both have always been giving us the same ‘bad boy-ish’ vibes!

#6 Basma vs Hanan Motawe3

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Both stunning actresses have the same aura, although their roles are usually different. Their features are more or less similar, especially when they let their hair down. Honestly, look at their beautiful curls!
One more thing that’s quite amazing about both is that their acting skills are actually unique; do you guys remember Basma in “Rasayel El-Bahr” or Motawe3’s performance in “Haza Al-Masa’a“?

#7 Khaled Saleh vs Khaled El-Sawy

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Before the great actor Khaled Saleh passed away, basically everyone thought that him and Khaled El-Sawy were practically siblings. They don’t have similar features, but both amazing actors have always given us the same vibes. That’s in addition to the fact that both had the same name, that’s why some people would sometimes mix them up!

#8 Mona Zaki vs Hanan Tork

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

We’re not going to lie, we kind of based that whole article on how we all thought that Mona Zaki and Hanan Tork were the same person when we were younger. Mainly because both actresses would appear together in movies like “El-Hob El-Awel” and because there was a time when they had the same haircut; people used to mix the two of them up!

# 9 Amir Karara vs Nabil Eissa

Egyptian CelebritiesEgyptian Celebrities

Okay, this one is SO obvious! Isn’t it? Apart from Amir Karara’s recent signature beard and mustache, him and Nabil Issa look EXACTLY like one another! Or at least, they have the same style and the same face structure.
Especially when Karara used to have longer hair and rock his man bun in the TV series “El-Tabal“; he looked so much like Issa! And actually, even without the long hair; in the movie “Men 30 Sana“, Issa was basically a copy of Karara in “Zaki Chan“.

And there you have it! Tell us: What do you guys think about our picks? Do you think there’s more to add to the list or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments!