This year, Halloween needs to change! We need to do away with sexy nurse costumes and costumes where guys go shirtless and truly embrace what it means to be Egyptian with our costume choices.

So grab a pen and paper because these are all the costumes you need to consider to have an authentically inventive Halloween. 


1- Fifi Abdou


5 mwah, 5 aywa ba2a yalla ba2a! Luckily, you’ll need less than 5 things to get this costume done:

  • A colored scarf
  • A long white chemise
  • Something to tie around your hips in the same color

Yes, you too can look like Fifi with only 3 items! check out this Fifi Abdo look they pulled off in Masr7 Masr:



2- Mohamed Karim


Luckily, unlike Mohamed Karim, you don’t need a whole load of money to achieve this look. one thing will just do:

  • A bornos

Just remember to have a friend with a camera stationed near by and to say hello when you ever pass him filming. The resemblance is uncanny:



3- Gawaher


This just needs to be done! all you need is:

  • A lot of padding!
  • Your grandma’s galabeya
  • A white scarf on your head
  • A red shawl
  • Glasses

Check out this pretty good resemblance by Hind Sabry in SNL Bel 3arabi:



4- Sayed Abu 7afiza


This is not an easy look to achieve, but is very possible. Make sure you get some practice saying “as3ad allah masa2akom” before you try this costume out. You’ll need:

  • A bald head with a comb over (either your own or a fake one, we recommend you try the natural option to cut on costs)
  • A grey shirt
  • Glasses you can’t see out of

You might need one hell of a make-up artist to get this look so start saving up! Or wait till you actually get bald, it’s a much cheaper option!



5- El Lemby


This look requires things you already have in your closet, so worry not!

  • Your worst fanela
  • White boxer
  • Probably something to wear under that white boxer

Here is a visually similar image of Zac Efron dressed as El Lemby for Halloween for reference: 


6- ِBayoumi Fouad


Just because he was everywhere in Ramadan doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be everywhere on the other holidays. To achieve the Bayoumi Fouad look you’ll need:

  • Glasses
  • A sensible chemise
  • The ability to be everywhere all at once
  • An eerie resemblance to Bayoumi Fouad

The last one might be a little hard to achieve. But if you’re lucky enough to look like Bayoumi Fouad Jr. (A.K.A Mohamed Arafa), then you’ll have no trouble this Halloween.



7- SpongeBob/ 7amada Helal?


Everyone was surprised when 7amada Helal came out and told the world he was no longer 7amada Helal, but was in fact SpongeBob. And since then, everyone wanted to be 7amada Sponge. All you need for this look:

  • A SpongeBob costume
  • A repetition of the phrase “Ana SpongeBob!”



So which of these costumes are you gonna try out?