Skincare has been all the rage for a while and it’s exactly the kind of trend we can get behind without second thoughts. It’s doesn’t get any healthier than this, does it?

All you need to do is just to take care of you, which sounds easy enough once you debunk all the skincare lies you’ve been told.

You Will Break Out If You Don’t Wash Your Face

Acne is the number one skin terror that everyone on the planet can agree on.

Breakouts always happen at the wrong times and no matter what you do, they outsmart you in the end. You may be thinking, of course, it’s because you didn’t wash your face after touching it but that actually has zero percent to do with it.

Acne has multiple reasons,” Eden Skin & Cosmetic’s on-call dermatologist told us. “Touching your face without touching anything else before isn’t one of them, though.

Among the many reasons that can cause acne are touching your face after touching your phone and natural causes, like an excess in oil production. Washing your face is still, however, basic hygiene.

What You Heard About Pores Isn’t Probably True

Pores are everywhere when it comes to any written info about skincare.

Everyone’s always sharing advice about how to open up your pores and what to do when they’re clogged. It’s a little bit of an infinite list and it’s mostly wrong.

For one thing, when pores get clogged, they’re not “dirty”. They’re just blocked by debris coming for the inside, so those blackheads have nothing to do with the surface.

Another fundamental myth is that chemical exfoliators will clean your pores out entirely.

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The truth is all that deep cleaning marketing campaigns are just that. Campaigns. The exfoliators will help unclog all the dead skin cells, sure, but they won’t clean away all the debris.

Another debunked myth is that you should wash your face with hot water to open up your pores. Eden Skin & Cosmetic Clinic says that here, lukewarm water is the better way to go.

No, There Isn’t One Specific Way To Do Skincare

Even if all the gurus insist on certain things to follow in your skin routine, it’s important to realize that our skins, as per our source, are all different from one another.

The difference of this realization may not be drastic, but it will be enough to know that what works for one person might not work for another.

So, when your YouTuber-assured skin routine doesn’t pick up, it’s not that it’s faulty. It might be because your needs are different.

Just Because It’s Chemical-Free Doesn’t Mean It’s Okay

Another myth that’s gaining traction is the idea that anything ‘natural’ is good for you.

This is a bit of a gray area as there’s no concrete proof to say if products with chemicals are harmful or not.

It may depend on your skin type in the end, but we know one thing for sure. Without preservatives, skincare products will likely grow bacteria and mold.

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This isn’t a warning to throw away all your natural products. Just keep a very close eye on the expiry date.

Eden Clinic’s representative adds an interesting twist here. “Natural products are chemicals too because everything in life is a chemical. What you should use all depends on your skin type–there’s no guarantee that natural is your way to go.

Wearing Makeup Regularly Won’t Age You

Don’t wear a lot of makeup because you will get wrinkles. These are not just words your mother will tell you, but they’re also on every single skincare article out there.

They’re not all true, though, so you can relax for now. Cosmetics alone are not enough to cause noticeable damage to your face. Some makeup products even nourish your skin rather than damage it.

After all is said and done, though, you still need to properly remove your makeup every day. If you don’t, you’re not just letting your makeup cake up. Dirt, toxins, and oil are also accumulating on your face.

Makeup can cause pimples when not removed correctly,” Eden’s on-call dermatologist tell us. “Makeup causing wrinkles, though, doesn’t have any basis of truth.

Moisturizing and Oily Skin

If you’ve heard anything about skincare, you’ve definitely heard about moisturizing. It’s the one step you need to do regardless of whatever else is going on.

Some people, though, think that moisturizing isn’t all that important to oily skin. That’s not only wrong, but it could even fall into the harmful side.

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If you use any cleanser, you’ll need a moisturizer because cleansers will dry up the natural oils from your skin and that protective layer will need to be replaced.

If this person in question uses proper face wash for oily skin, I’d advise usage of a good moisturizer,” Eden’s representative says.

It’s important if you’ve got oily, acne-prone, or dry skin. Yes, a little like water. You may feel like you’re not thirsty but drinking won’t harm you. You don’t have to overdo it, but do it anyway.

These are just 6 myths we’ve debunked. There are more out there, we’re sure, but we’ll take what we can get now.