Is the Egyptian girl nekadeya

“Is the Egyptian girl nekadeya?” is a question with an answer that can practically end relationships. People always accuse Egyptian girls of being too rigid. Every guy thinks that his significant other is just too dramatic and he sometimes even calls her a drama queen. So is it true?

In hopes of finding a real answer that satisfies both genders, let us first analyze both parties and their reactions.

In all fairness, girls tend to make a huge mountain out of a molehill. They tend to over exaggerate and act insanely when they feel hurt or abused. They will fight with you, scream at your face and even throw things at you if necessary. Their reaction might be too much to handle for the average guy, but why don’t we ever ask ourselves ‘Why do girls act that way in the first place?’

Why Do Girls Do This?

When you ignore her texts, she will definitely know because she has been stalking your Instagram account, Facebook account and checking whether or not you’re online on any of your social media platforms. And you know you won’t be having a peaceful night, so why do it in the first place?

Being over nice and chatty to the extent of flirting won’t just guarantee you a night full of paranormal activity, but it might lead to you being as single as a pringle. So why do it in the first place?

And oh boy! when you guys lie, you just think that you are the smartest on the planet. But guess what, girls do figure all those lies out because we are secretly part of the CIA. Don’t even try and fool us, because it will eventually backfire.

Why Do Guys Do This?

This is a question that girls ask themselves on a daily basis, and they still fail to find an answer. You know that some of your actions do drive her crazy, so why do it? You go around doing whatever you like and expect her to be fine with it. ‘Talama in public with no feelings, so what?’ Is this even realistic?

Are girls supposed to accept all the lies, ignorance, psychotic behavior and act cool with it? Not only that, but also be caring, loving and nice?

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but your expectations are extremely unrealistic. I do admit that some girls are naturally drama queens and they do create situations and fights out of nothing, but that is mostly not the case. So don’t act as if you are Prince Charming who has been nothing but gentle and blame it all on your girl.

And girls, try to moderate your anger and emotions a little bit and prove your point without having to kill your guy or break his neck.