Dating in Egypt is hectic enough as it is, but sometimes the guys we date find a way to make it even harder. It happens to the best of us; our first dates just don’t go as planned. This article is for all of you beautiful ladies who watched their first dates turn into nightmares. We present you with 13 Girls who tell us the worst thing that happened on their first date; who knows maybe their stories are more horrific than yours.

1.”A guy called me fat.”

2.”He told me he initially liked my best friend, but then he realized she had a boyfriend and decided to give it a go with me.”

3.”Somehow, I found myself being interrogated. You’d expect your first date to involve a lot of casual talk, but the truth is all he did was ask me about my past, who I dated and what my guy friends are like.”

4.”I liked this guy for a long time and when we finally went out, his father passed away while we were getting off the car to go inside the restaurant.”

5. “I went out on a picnic date. The guy kept trying to convince me that he prepared the food himself even though it was obvious he bought it from a fresh food market. And at some point, he decided it was OK to lick my face. I don’t know why!”

6. “He kept going on and on about how his ex broke his heart and how he is not looking for the same kind of relationship with me. The date was mainly about her.”

7. “He stayed on his phone the whole time. I mean I didn’t even get a chance to bore him. It’s not like he gave me any attention during the entire dinner.”

8.” Do you still consider it a date when he brings his best friend along, because he couldn’t tell him he was ditching him for a date? Damn bro codes!”

9. “His mom called and ordered him to go home, because he was past his curfew time. It was 11:00 pm. We were 20!”

10. “He talked about himself the entire time. His car, his family and how he has had his share of girlfriends who wouldn’t have dared to dream of a guy like him. Obnoxious doesn’t even begin to describe what he turned out to be. Whoever told guys that they can wow us with how many girls they’ve dated has a special place in hell made just for them.”

11. “He made sure I understood everything he believes his future girlfriend should not do. I felt like I was sitting with my dad.”

12. “He was trying to be romantic, so he invited me over to have dinner at his home. I know what you’re thinking, but his parents were quiet nice actually. The only downside was that the food was terrible, and I just had to sit there and finish every bite of it.

13. “I had ordered way less than him and he made me pay half anyway! I mean I ordered a salad. He ordered TWO burgers and somehow I still paid half the bill!”

Still think that you had the worst date in the world?