If you google the term ‘Rape’, the first definition that comes up on your screen is “Rape is a word for sexual assault — usually a man rapes a woman. This is one of the worst crimes there is”.

Funny, isn’t it? How an act so powerful, so damaging can be explained in a few simple words. “ONE OF THE WORST CRIMES EVER” is supposed to sum up the emotional and psychological damage that rape victims have to go through. But that is not what our article is about. Frankly speaking, this article is about testing guys mentality when it comes to a crime as vicious as rape. Too often in life we’re bombarded with guys throwing out words they don’t even understand. Words like she didn’t say no or she should’ve worn something less revealing, as if there was an excuse for a person to rape anyone based on their looks or what they are wearing. As if the word “no” is needed in order for a person not to act on his sexual urges. That being said, we decided to examine the Egyptian guys mentality when it comes to the issue, so we asked 10 Egyptian guys how they define the term “rape”.

1. “For me, rape is any non-consensual act of getting physical with someone else. The person can be anybody, even your wife. If it’s without the person’s consent, it’s rape!”

2. “I think that anything I say will be somehow twisted and used against me, but I’ll tell you anyway. Rape is when a guy has sexual intercourse with a girl without her being on board. I don’t think that a forced kiss counts as rape. I mean kisses are spontaneous, how am I supposed to know that she doesn’t want it if I don’t try?”

3. “I think that rape is what happens when someone from either gender is forced to do something sexual without them wanting to. A lot of times we speak about girls getting raped, and we forget to note that it happens to guys too. If anyone takes advantage of another person sexually, it should be considered as rape. PERIOD”

4. “I honestly wouldn’t dare define the term “rape”. I believe it’s something you can only get if it has happened to you, and since thankfully it didn’t happen to me, who am I to pretend to know what others might have suffered through?”

5. “An act which more often than not results in the ruining of some girl’s life forever.”

6. “It’s something that I wouldn’t wish for my sister, mom or anyone I know, which makes you wonder about the kind of men who think that they can do it.”

7. “Non-consensual sex between two people, and yes it actually has to be sexual intercourse.”

8. “A disgusting act done by an even more disgusting mentally ill person, who couldn’t get hold of his urges so he decided to ruin someone else’s life and blame it on her appearance, or how she was a tease.”

9. “A non-consensual relationship between two people, or continuing to carry out a sexual activity after one of the two sides involved has asked for it to stop.”

10. In one way or another, I would define rape as stealing. You don’t have something or you can’t afford it so you steal it.”

Finally, I wish there was a way to sum up this article. The truth is there can never and will never be a real definition to the term “rape” and the psychological damage that it could cause. But, while there is no way to define it, there is definitely a way to raise awareness about it and to correct some of the misconceptions that many people hold towards it.