We’re often told that guys are not emotional creatures, that they can’t love or feel as much as girls. As if our hearts were built differently. As if we were not all humans built from the same soil by the same creator. We’re here to challenge this idea though, and we figured what better way to challenge it other than to ask 9 guys to wear their hearts on their sleeves! We asked 9 guys about the moment they knew they found “The One”, and this is what they said!

1. “I think I knew when I first met her which was years ago, but we only got together years after we have been friends. It was like I remembered and knew something that I had forgotten. We’re not together anymore, and now I wish I could stop thinking that she was THE one.”

2. “The moment I realized that when I’m with her, every bone in my body feels calm.”

3. “When I saw my future in her eyes, when I felt like she was home after one or two outings and was in a rush to introduce her to my family. That’s when it hit me that she is THE one”

4. “For me, there was no single moment that I could pinpoint. It was a cluster of moments, or as I like to call it a syndrome.”

5. “I always knew that she is THE one, but there was one moment where I became very sure. My father was really sick, and deep down I knew that he was dying, and out of nowhere he told me that he thinks that my girlfriend was a keeper. That was the moment I really knew.”

6. “When I felt that I could share anything with her and not be judged, when I felt that she is the first one I’m always eager to see and talk to.”

7. “There was this moment when I caught myself terrified of losing her, and that was the moment I knew that if I could love someone that much and care for them that much, there is no way they can’t be THE one.”

8. “I’m very hard to handle you know. I scream a lot, shout more and refuse to listen when I’m mad. One time, I did all of that. I honestly expected her to walk away, and she surprised me. She was there for me when no one would even look me in the eyes. Isn’t that reason enough to regard her as THE one?”

9. “On our very first conversation, I knew. She was just different than any other girl I have ever met before. She loved fiercely; I could feel it in her words. Her passion for saving animals made me like animals too.”

So what do you think ladies and gents? Aren’t guys more capable of love than you have ever realised?