Egyptian Print Journalism
source: Travel Zad

Although we’ve all accepted that newspapers are an unshakable reality we all live with, that is all about to change now. Newspapers are going digital and it’s a pretty big deal.

What’s Happening and Why

Since print journalism is slowly dying out, we’ve known that digitization has been a long time coming. If it seems a little too sudden now, though, there’s a reason for that.

The ENPA, with the Ministry of Communications, is finalizing the print digitization as a means to hopefully reduce print media’s financial losses.


Also coming as a part of a new media law, this change will give the government the light to oversee the work done in the press and end the institutions that are deemed unprofitable.

What Could It All Mean?

For many working in the print newspapers and related publications, this decision is a little hard to accept.

A move like this, after all, can lead to high rates of unemployment for many staff members in retired departments like printing, layout, circulation, and advertisement.

Employees also have another reason to fear digitization. Namely the strains their publications may face when it tries to relate the old material with the strikingly different online audiences.

The digitization movement will affect newspapers like Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbar, Al-Jumhuriyah, Rose Al-Yusuf and many more.