As Egyptians, we’re constantly in awe of the kind of cinematic genius that shows up on our screens, but we always ask ourselves if on an international level our actors, series and movies would perform well too. With the recent success that the film ‘Clash’ garnered in the Cannes Film Festival 2016, it seems we’re starting to really contribute to the cinemas of the West. And if that’s not enough, the following are Egyptian actors/actresses who’ve made it on the big screens abroad:

1. Basmao-BASMA-570

Guest starring on the third season of the FX series Tyrant, is Basma who plays the role of Sophia, sister to the foreign minister of Abuddin and the wife of a wealthy businessman.The series is set in the fictional country of Abuddin, modeled after countries of the Middle East. Her performance on episode 4 of the series’ third season, has shown that she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

2. Khaled Abo El NagaEgyptian

In his most recent role, Khaled plays Hussein Al Qadi, an Islamic cleric on Tyrant as well. Abo El Naga’s role on the show displays the struggle Al Qadi has to face against extremists in the faith while preaching for peace.

3. Amir El Masrythe-night-manager-106-pine-hiddleston-youssef-935x658-640x450

Amir is known for his role as a student in Ramadan Mabrok Aboulalamein Hamouda, but recently he’s guest starred alongside Tom Hiddleston in the BBC series Night Manager, where he plays the role of the cook in a Cairo based hotel managed by Hiddleston.

4. Amr Waked 2014-635321370755059565-505

Few could forget Amr Waked’s performance alongside Scarlet Johansson in the 2014 blockbuster Lucy, where several Egyptians envied him for kissing the American starlet. But Amr is also known for several other roles such as Sheikh Muhammed, where he portrayed a Sheikh trying to bring back the sport of fly fishing alongside Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt in the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

5. Khaled El Nabawy _640x480_0a4f41fc94d886f2566e29c517b8f69dd1e357e937801af365670cb1c667dfc9

Khaled has been under the Hollywood spotlight for quite some time, but his most prominent role was that of the the Mullah in the 2008 film The Kingdom of Heaven. In 2012, he starred in a film titled The Citizen where he played Ibrahim, an Arab emigrant who moves to the U.S. a day after 9/11.

6. Gamil Ratib 19535963_20130702143130341

Gamil Ratib has always had a celebrated presence on cinema screens here, and this is definitely the case in France as well where he played the role of an Egyptian Projectionist named Monsieur Noun, in the film Un Nuage Dans Un Verre D’eau (A Cloud Inside a Glass of Water) 

7. Samia Gamal


Samia Gamal has been seducing us via the silver screen countless times and her contribution to the 1954 film, Valley of the Kings, is no different!

8. Faten Hamama 


Faten Hamama was always internationally acclaimed for her Egyptian films, but she did add an English film or two to her repertoire like the 1963 American crime film Cairo, where she plays the role of the dancer Amina.

9. Omar El Sherif dr-zhivago-large

No list would be complete without listing the countless contributions  by Omar El Sherif to international cinemas. No one can forget him as the famed Yuri Zhivago in the 1965 production Doctor Zhivago.

Well, these Egyptian actors/actresses have definitely shown that Egypt is a power player in show business.