Female football fans

During Egypt’s latest football match against Tunisia, a picture of two female football fans was taken to social media platforms and it stirred quite a fuss. Why? Because the picture showed one of the girls drawing the Egyptian flag on the other girl’s face. This, of course, represented the perfect chance for the Egyptian man’s well known double standards and sexism to shine through.

Men took the picture to social media and followed it with a series of hate comments and mocking posts about how female fans are not ‘real fans’. Or was it just Egyptian female fans that are not real fans? We can’t really keep up anymore.

How double standards went to a whole new level with Egyptian men?

Earlier this year, during the World Cup craze, you couldn’t check social media without tripping over an Egyptian man mooning over the beauty of the World Cup female fans from all over the world. There were public displays of emotions, marriage proposals and an overall fondness of the female football fan base worldwide. In the exception, of course, of Egypt’s female fans, who were considered as a displaced burden on the fan base.

Although we love football as much as men do, are athletic as much as men are, we are downgraded as fans. Why? Just because we happen to be women. I am not exactly sure how football or sports, in general, became gender-related or exclusive to men. But surprise surprise, it is not. Just like movies, songs and any source of entertainment ever created, sports are for all people of all genders and ages. It has NOTHING to do with gender!

Why this is infuriating?

For some reason, women through the years have been stereotyped and cast aside when it came to all sporting events. Although history proves that Egyptian female athletes have been as accomplished as male athletes, if not more. This year alone witnessed a list of great accomplished Egyptian female athletes. Athletes who honored Egypt in all sporting competitions all over the world. To name a few;  award-winning swimmer Farida Osman, weightlifting champion Sarah Samir, wrestling champion Samar Hamzah, and of course Sarah Essam, the first Egyptian woman to play in the Premier League, who, by the way, did not get half the acknowledgment she deserved for such an accomplishment.

Those powerful ladies and so many more have been honoring the name of our country across the globe. They have been competing in all the so-called “Men’s sports” and doing an undeniably good job while doing so.

What needs to change?

Newsflash, men, women have as much right as you do in watching, supporting, or playing any kind of sports. And the sooner you realize that and get it through to your minds, the easier all our lives will be. Football is a sport, guys. It is fun, and fun is not gender-based. So enjoy your favorite teams and support your favorite players but for the love of God, let us do the same.

As for you, ladies, have fun and fear nothing. Football is yours too, so don’t let anyone take that away from you.

And don’t forget to tell us in the comments about all the struggles you face when it comes to double standards in sports.