We all know the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, right? Well, the opening scene is just a perfect introduction to this article.

The movie opens with a little girl in a playground and suddenly a boy pushes her and calls her dog poo. The girl’s mother tries to comfort her by telling her “do you know why this boy did that to you? It’s because he likes you!”

That kind of mindset is why we always think that if a boy treats us like garbage, he probably likes us. So basically, we blame the movie!

Jokes aside, if you’re in a relationship or you’re about to get into one and you feel that something’s just off, read these sure signs a guy might not be interested in you.

He never initiates

If you find yourself the only one always starting the conversation, offering to meet up or simply the first to call, this is definitely a red flag, sister! If you’re not sure this is the case, stop initiating everything for a while and watch what happens.

Surface-levels only

This is one of the biggest he’s not into you signs. If you look at your relationship and feel like all your conversations are basically small talks in disguise or the guy is not curious enough to learn more about you and peel you off, then he’s just NOT INTERESTED!

He’s unreliable

A guy who is responsible and reliable is not exactly what we immediately look for when we start dating. However, as we grow older and wiser we must put that trait into consideration. If you never find him when you need him the most, just call it quits.

Bread-crumbing you

Ever since we learned about the millennial term “Bread crumbing” it became our favorite. So what is bread crumbing? It’s when he only gives you small attention over stretched periods of time. He’s only trying to keep you in check and on your feet and not having to commit. Run, girl!

It’s going nowhere

If it has been a significant period of time and you still don’t know an exact definition to your relationship, that’s a very bad sign. He might be good to you and all but he just never said the R word, like ever! It’s definitely time to have the “where is this going” conversation already. Don’t you think?

You just don’t feel it

Listen ladies, you don’t need anybody telling you how you should feel about your relationship. We might give you some help but at the end of the day, just trust your guts. If you feel like something’s off, it probably means that something is.

After reading this, take your time and reflect on your relationship for a while. If you feel that it’s in fact bad for you, make the choice of leaving or consider fixing it. However, if a guy you’re only still dating makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster, just get off!