First sexual experiences are a rite of passage; one just has to suffer through them so they can move on to a better place. It’s pretty much a given that every one’s first sexual encounter left them bumbling and stumbling. But, it’s okay. Things happen, strange things yes, but strange things happen. Down below are 9 first sexual experience stories told to us by different Egyptian men who have luckily and successfully moved on to that better place I was talking about. Read at your own discretion and feel free to cringe the entire time. 

PS: First sexual experience is not limited to sex, as some of these stories only include other firsts, such as kissing and making out. 

1- “I made out in a car at 2 pm, in the street, 3and el NA to be exact. I parked the car 3ala gamb while people were walking right beside us. I seriously don’t know where I got the courage to do that. But then I got into a car accident. It really isn’t the best story.”

2- “My first sexual experience was quite nice at the time. It happened when I was 16 with my girlfriend at the time. You know how ‘sharaf el bent’ is a big deal in Egypt, but she trusted me and I loved her. We both wanted more from each other. I was driving her home after our friends’ prom, and I courageously got closer and kissed her on the lips.”

3- “In grade 9, I sneaked into my ex’s house and while we didn’t completely understand what we were doing, we kissed then started to ‘touch’ each other.”

4- “In 2012, I was 19, eager and curious. I was staying at a hostel in Poland so it happened in the hostel’s bathroom with a Polish girl, and the next day she invited me over to her place. I stayed at her house for two weeks.”

5- “Imagine your worst nightmare and then double it. Okay well, to be fair..I had too much expectations at the time and I thought it would be romantic and special, you know? Because of all the damn movies.”

6- “I was 14 at her house. Her parents weren’t home so we weren’t in any kind of danger. We kissed for a while and I don’t even remember what else we did, but it was all PG13.”

7- “I was 16 and in Amsterdam, so naturally I ditched my friends and went to the red light district. I only wanted oral sex to be honest and when I found a woman wearing a police costume, I asked her for what I wanted. She told me that sex and oral sex are for 50 euros, but I told her I only wanted oral. I went in and suddenly got so nervous. I had no idea what to do, and I wasn’t happy AT ALL. Fel akher nasabet 3aleya and she took 90 euros; it was a really bad experience all in all. First, it was for money AND nasabet 3alaya.”

8- “I was in grade 9 with this girl who has been trying to date me for 2 years. I used to make her do my assignments and take advantage of the fact that she liked me. So one day, we went to the movies and let’s just leave it at that. I had the first orgasm of my life that I didn’t cause myself.”

9- “It was unplanned and happened in a shop under-construction in a mall. It was awkward, but it started making me curious.”

To conclude, it is obvious that the majority of first sexual experiences aren’t pleasant. Most of those we asked assured us that they hoped their first sexual experience was better and more endearing. So, we advise you to hold out for something special, because good things do come to those who wait. Be mature enough and don’t rush into something because you’re only acting on your emotions. It’s okay to have feelings and it’s okay to want to explore, but always look at the bigger picture.