Keeping up with the #10YearChallenge, we’ve decided to spice up the game a little and remind you all of how the Egyptian world of entertainment was like back in 2009.

Looking at it now, things don’t seem to have changed that much. But it’s still surprising to know that some of our favorite movies, series and albums turned 10 this year! 

1# Movies

“Teer Enta”


Teer Enta“? More like the rise of “Afashat El-Aflam” in Egypt. Yes, they did exist before that in “El-Nazer” and “El-Lemby“, but this movie was sort of revolutionary and from there, we started speaking in the language of Afashat El-Aflam.

“Ibrahim Labyad”


Although this movie had so much action and blood, we were still graced with the existence of the great Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz since this was the last movie he starred in before his passing. And it came out 10 years ago!

“Welad El Am”


Do you guys remember when this movie came out? Everybody stormed in movie theatres to see it as the trailer and storyline looked promising, let alone the combination of the great Egyptian actors: Kareem Abdel Aziz, Mona Zaki and Sherif Mounir.

It’s only hard to believe that this movie came out 10 years ago because we find it on our TV screens like a thousand times a day.

“Omar w Salma 2”

Egypt 2009

The second part of the very successful comedy trilogy “Omar W Salma” came out in 2009. This too was a movie that everybody was impatiently waiting for and filled movie theatres when it came out!

“Badal Faked”

Egypt 2009

How could we forget this one? It’s always on our TV screens too. But back then, the storyline was very fascinating to everyone; the thrilling atmosphere, the crime and drama attracted a huge audience and they still do!

“Alf Mabrook”

Egypt 2009

Ten years ago, this one was such a unique movie; since nothing similar was done in Egyptian cinema. And of course, the comedy taste that Ahmed Helmy added clicked with everyone. It’s still a joy to watch! 

“Amir El Behar”

Egypt 2009

A lot of people claim that this is one of the best movies Mohamed Heneidy ever made! And well, we have to agree. This one created fun material for “Afashat El-Aflam” that “Teer Enta” created in the same year. We’re pretty sure many of you remember the most significant and funniest lines! 

2# TV Series

“Al Adham”

Egypt 2009

Remember when we were all happy that Ahmed Ezz is venturing into the TV series world? “Al Adham” was such an amazing series that made us all cling to our seats until the very last episode!

“El Daly”

Egypt 2009

The third sequel to the critically acclaimed series “El Daly” aired 10 years ago! When this series first came out, everybody was watching it religiously. It was incredibly entertaining and full of action, drama and suspense!

“El Rahaya”

Egypt 2009

The amazing Nour El Sherif, again! “El Rahaya” was one of the late actor’s most loved works back in the days. Do you guys remember?

“Harb El Gawasis”

Egypt 2009

Remember when this series brought back all the “Raafat El-Haggan” and “Nadia El-Guindy” feels? And needless to say, Menna Shalaby did a great job in it portraying the very intriguing journalist spy!

3# Music Albums

Amr Diab – Wayah

Egypt 2009

Well, El-Hadaba AKA Amr Diab never releases a bad album and we could all agree on that! However, “Wayah” was such a monumental one and the fact that the hit single “Wayah” is almost always the opener of his amazing concerts makes us very grateful for this album!

Tamer Hosny – Haeesh Hayati

Egypt 2009

Everybody definitely knows “Kol Eli Fat“, “Bagheer Aleha” Omar W Salma’s “Khontek Embareh” and the upbeat “Rasmy Fahmy Nazmy“. Well, these amazing songs by the pop star Tamer Hosny were released in his album “Haeesh Hayati” 10 years ago!

Elissa – Tesada’a B Meen

Egypt 2009

We know you probably started mumbling the words to “A’abaly Habiby” and “Masdouma“. Like every Elissa album, this one was very good and it’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since its release!

Shereen – Habeit

Egypt 2009

With Sherine releasing so many singles and albums as the years pass by, we can barely tell the difference between the ones that came out yesterday and 10 years ago! Songs like “Akhiran Etgara’at” and “Katar Kheiry” from this album are still always airing on the radio!

Gannat – Hob Emtelak

Egypt 2009

Remember when Gannat used to release albums? With every hit single played on the radio, songs like “A’la Fekra” and “Gayalak” used to get immediately stuck in our heads!


It’s funny when you look at all of this now because not much has changed since then! Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny, Sherine, and Elissa are still releasing albums every couple of years.
Mohamed Heneidy, Ahmed Ezz, Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed El Saqa, Kareem Abd El Aziz, Mona Zaki, Sherif Mounir, Ahmed Mekky and Donia Samir Ghanem are still VERY much present in the movie/TV series production scene.
The tragic difference is that over the last 10 years, we’ve lost the great late actors Nour El-Sherif and Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz! 

So there you have it!

What do you guys think about the Egyptian movies, TV series and music albums that were released 10 years ago? Which of these were you obsessed with back in the days?