Google is putting Egypt in front of everyone’s face today, or at least on the homepage of their website, which is basically the same thing. So let’s join Google and celebrate Egyptian Painter Tahia Halim’s 96th birthday, who Google made their doodle by adding their name in a funky way to one of her paintings. Lately, it’s been exciting for Egypt as the world has been recognizing our magnificent work and hard efforts in both the athletic and arts departments.


Everything you need to know about Tahia Halim in 135 words.

Tahia Halim was born in Sudan in 1919, where her family was living. She was raised and received her primary education in the Royal Palace of Cairo.  Tahia studied art under important drawing teachers such as the Lebanese painter Yussef Trabelsi and the Greek artist Gerom; then under the Egyptian artist Hamed Abdullah at his studio 1943. She married Hamed Abdullah and after their marriage in 1945, they left for Paris to join Julian Academy (1949-1951), then they came back to Egypt together and taught art in their private studio in Downtown, Cairo.

Tahia received national and international prizes: the golden medal in painting on the knowledge day in 1960 and the state encouragement prize in 1996. She has also participated in many local, solo and international exhibitions where she made a name for herself.


Get to know Tahia’s paintings:

Oghniya Li Al Nil, acrylic on canvas (100 x 69cm)


Untitled, 1968 original, oil and gesso on canvas (100.5 x 140.5cm)


Face of a Nubian Girl, 1975 original, oil on canvas (50 x 40cm)


Three Girls, oil on board and framed (46.5 x 46.5cm)

Tahia passed away in 2003 but she’s definitely going to remain immortal because of her paintings and her determination to make a change in the world of arts.