Parenthood is no walk in the park. In fact, it is one of the scariest things that happen to us in this world. On one hand it teaches us that we can love someone more than we love ourselves, but on the other hand it causes us to question everything we’ve ever known. Not that we knew much to begin with, so imagine the confusion we are faced with when we are not only expected to figure our lives out, but to care for someone else’s life more than our own. We asked 7 Egyptian parents about the most confusing moments they went through as their children were growing up, and this is what they said:

1. “I think the most confusing moment was the first time I saw my child after he was born. Watching him cry and asking myself who the hell are you, I don’t think there is getting over this moment. It definitely was the most confusing I have ever felt.”

2. “When my children hit puberty, I didn’t know how to handle them. They wouldn’t listen to me anymore. They wanted to show me that they were men now and refused to listen to anything I say. I felt very confused. I didn’t know how to deal with them without making them hate me, without having them feel like I was threatening their manhood.”

3. “I think the most confusing moment was when they went to college. They cut me off and I didn’t know anything about their lives. It’s like I’ve given birth to these people and been with them through every moment of their lives, and all of a sudden I was expected to live without them just like that.”

4. “When they were just little toddlers and I didn’t know how to deal with them, they were all over the place. They would fall and hit themselves. I watched them all the time, but somehow that wasn’t enough to keep them safe. I was very confused. I didn’t know how to raise children back then, and funnily enough I don’t think I know how to raise them even now. We do the best we can I guess.”

5. “I think the most confusing moment was when my daughter grew up to mock me and make fun of my every word. It was like I wasn’t good enough for her anymore. I wanted to please her, but I couldn’t. Everything I said only made things worse.”

6. “It was realizing that I’m never going to be sure that my children are safe. The realization that I had to let them go while worrying about them all the time was killing me. The world isn’t safe, but this is the only way they could grow. I can’t keep them locked up at home forever. I had to let them go even if it broke my heart and caused me to lose sleep over all the bad things that could happen to them.”

7. ” When they started asking me about all the cruel things that happen in our world today. They were like “mommy why do people do that”, and I didn’t know how to explain to them that the world is just cruel. I didn’t know how to tell my children that not everyone will love them, that few would even hurt them. I didn’t want them to know that.”

Anyhow, there is no such a thing as a perfect parent. All you have to do is be a real one!