Stray dogs

Last Monday, the Egyptian parliament’s local administration committee recommended that a government committee must be formed to solve the growing issue of stray dogs in the streets. Some of the suggestions made included sterilizing, sheltering and castrating the dogs!

The problem of stray dogs has been a subject of several conversations lately. Especially after last year’s suggestions to export them for meat consumption. Aside, of course, from the several recent incidents of either harming the dogs or being attacked by them.

Taking the right action and following the correct procedure regarding stray and unattended animals has proven itself to be somewhat of a chronic problem on the streets of Egypt. 

This explains forming this committee which will be headed by deputy agriculture minister Mona Mehrez and will include representatives from the ministries of local development, environment, health, agriculture and interior, in addition to several representatives from human rights organizations and animal care associations.

Head of the local administrative committee Ahmed El-Sigini said that the recommendations of this proposed committee are expected to be issued in 45 days.

El-Sigini also stressed on the danger the proliferation of the phenomenon of stray dogs is representing to the streets of Egypt.

He stated, “Not only are these dogs a danger to public health, but they have also become a threat to the lives of many citizens, particularly children.”

Additionally, as the government does not have any plan on fighting this phenomenon, it was important that we recommend a committee to be formed to tackle the crisis.”

He also revealed that the parliament’s local administration committee has been receiving numerous messages from concerned citizens complaining about the  issue of stray and wild dogs on the streets and how it has become “a threat to their lives.”

According to MP Salah Hassaballah, stray and wild dogs have harmed around 2 million citizens in 2018!

Alaa Eid, head of the Ministry of Health’s Preventive Medicine Department stated that “Around 303,000 citizens were bitten by stray and wild dogs in 2018.”

Eid also confirmed that the ministry has the vaccinations necessary to treat any citizens harmed from dog bites. However, they do not have control over the entire phenomenon of stray dogs.

As for Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad, she suggested we should follow the examples of some European countries that contain the phenomenon of stray dogs more strictly and efficiently.

She also suggested that the country should adopt strict regulations to solve this growing issue, such as amending laws, providing funds and coordinating the roles of the government and animal rights societies.

Fouad also confirmed that the Ministry of Environment is ready to do its part in providing all the necessary studies to confront this growing problem.

We hope whatever solution this committee comes up is human enough to protect both humans and animals.

Source: Ahram Online