We Egyptians are known for our uniqueness in everything starting from our accent, history, culture and jokes down to our taste in food which we could not help but leave our very own mark on.
The Egyptian kitchen is well renowned for many delicious specialities; however, we can’t deny that some of our dishes are definitely too odd to understand. I mean, why would a whole population be obsessed with salted/ rotten fish?

If our dish choices sometimes seem weird for us, can you imagine how non-Egyptians might feel about some of our food combinations?



Our version of Nutella, Tehina with Molasses is a go to energy booster for many Egyptian kids before doing any sports or going outside to play.


A summer essential, Watermelon and Feta Cheese have been a common combination as far as we can all remember and work perfectly as a cooler on sizzling hot days.


“Beid bl 3agwa” is something many Egyptians have for breakfast and is also very popular for Ramadan Suhour because of its filling nature. We’re clueless as to what or who came up with it but if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a lot.



Fool bel Tehina, a popular breakfast and dinner dish for many Egyptians that leaves your stomach feeling satisfied with its simple ingredients and strong taste.


A primary dish in all Egyptian family gatherings and festive occasions, Stuffed Vine Leaves is a dish many foreigners are unfamiliar with. The idea of not only eating a leaf, but also stuffing it with rice is not particularly something to everyone’s taste.


Finally, this is not super popular, but definitely is a thing throughout the country. Many people sprinkle fresh grapes on freshly made hot rice or vermicelli before eating to enjoy a sweet and salty flavor.

While every culture has its unique cuisine, Egyptian signature mixtures are definitely our favorite.