As Coronavirus continues spreading, we hear a lot of rumors about a celebrity getting infected here and there. But so far, this is the list of confirmed cases among Egyptian actors and actresses.

These names right here all openly shared their experience with the Covid-19 virus; hoping to lift the spirits, promote more tolerance and defy the virus-shaming!

Mostafa Darwish

Remember Fathy from B 100 Wesh? He announced on his Instagram account that he tested positive and made sure to stay super positive about it too, saying “All will be well”.

Dalia El Beheiry’s Husband

Hassan Samy, the Egyptian businessman and husband of actress Dalia El Beheiry was the last to announce his infection. Assuring his friends that his condition is stable and asking them to pray that the rest of the family wasn’t infected.

Kareem Kassem

kareem was the first actor to post a personal video, where he talked about his experience with Coronavirus. Thankfully, other stars followed in his footsteps and openly talked about their own illness.

Eman El Assi

Eman El Assi’s video, sharing her journey with the virus and asking people to stop looking down at Covid-19 patients, was another success for the anti-shaming campaign!

Alaa Arafa

Alaa Arafaa, who starred in El Ekhteyar, also announced that he and his family tested positive for the virus. And although he’s now tested negative and is out of the woods, some members of his family are still recovering!

Ragaa El Gedawy

A true example of positivity is veteran actress Ragaa El Gedawy. Who didn’t fail to spread good thoughts during her tough times ever since she announced the news of her positive results through both her daughter and granddaughter’s accounts!

A big thank you to all for keeping it real and let’s wish them and all Covid-19 patients out there a speedy recovery!