A new social media craze has been taking our newsfeeds by storm, the #10YearChallenge.

The #10YearChallenge is basically a quick trip down memory lane where you are supposed to share two pictures of yourself on social media, one from right now and another from 10 years ago.

That sure seems like one hell of a challenge. Am I right, 90s kids? 

But as always we Egyptians like to put our own hilarious spin on everything. So while the rest of the world shared pictures of themselves, we perceived the#10YearChallenge as the perfect source for jokes & memes material.

We couldn’t laugh alone, so here is a list of the best jokes Egyptians made about the #10YearChallenge

1. When you try to join in on the trend but it is just too hard…

The struggle is real, guys…


All of us, right now!

These ugly secrets must stay hidden!

We are sure that “AngryEgyptian” didn’t mean for his\her tweet to be funny, but we kind of secretly laughed. Sorry…


2. When they proved once again that they are the kings of dark humor…


It is simply a fact, Abla Kamel is life in pictures! 

Oh, the horror! 

Speaking of finals…

What’s happening and how can we make it stop?! 


3. When they hilariously made it clear that marriage isn’t for everyone!

Well, that’s sad!

Sorry, not sorry. 


4. When some were just not down with the trend but still made us laugh




5. When they authentically displayed the Egyptian sense of humor

Because “El 2htmam Mabytlbsh”! 


Hmm… Okay

Okay, I guess it’s safe to say that Egyptians are capable of turning any trend ever into pure GOLD! If only we could put this superpower to good use!

These are just the best we have seen so far; we can’t wait to see what else the Egyptian sarcastic mentality can come up with. 

Until then, we are off to burn all our childhood memories…