When it comes to pronunciations, Egyptians follow no manual:

1. The Tea Cup 


Some say “Fengal“; others say “Fengan“, and we’re lost in between.

2. Right 


Is it “Yemin” or “Lemin“? Nobody knows!

3. Also 

Bardo” or “Bardak“?

4. There are two teams when it comes to plural…

Team 1: “Shanabat” & “Takseyat

Team 2 :”Shenebah” & “Tokosah

5. The Turtle 


Sol7efah” or “So7lefah“! An Unsolved mystery!!

6. The Side 

“2o2af 3ala Ganb” or “2o2af 3ala Gamb“???

7. There are two teams who say some words differently 

Team “Zalabeyah” VS. Team “Lo2met El 2adi

Team “Tamatem” VS. Team “2outa

8. The Cover 

Is it “Koverta” or “Koberta“?

9. The Gas Station 


Do you fuel your car at the “Benzina” or the “Benzima“?

10. Undershirt 

Is what we wear underneath our clothes a “Fanela” or a “Fanena“?

10. Orange 


Do you eat “Borto2an” or “Borto2al“, also is the colour “Borto2ani” or “Borto2ali“?

11. Apple 

Did Adam eat a “Tofa7a” or “Tefa7a“?

12. Mandarine 

There is a whole bunch of teams on this one: “Yostafandy” “Ostafandy” “Youssefy” “Youssef Affandy“, and some prefer to just say “Mandarine”.

Got any to add to the list? 

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