Egyptians Abroad

Every Egyptian who has gone abroad has stories of odd miscommunication, interesting circumstances about cultural shocks, and of course, meeting other Egyptians abroad!

Now, you might think “so what? We live here, we’re raised here and there’s nothing special about it”. Think again, dear reader, because these twitter stories surely say the opposite!

At a Parisian gym

We imagine that an Egyptian gym-goer’s favorite word is “3ash”, so we perfectly understand the sense of isolation this gym-goer might feel when they’re travelling abroad….unless, of course, they run into other Egyptians at the gym.

At a supermarket in Amsterdam

You know that moment when you forget a word’s meaning in another language when you desperately need to remember it? Yeah, that sucks but we imagine it sucks even more when you need that word to communicate and this person can relate.

In the middle of a street in China

Being alone and abroad in a place where you can’t find any of your people must be tough. After a while, the novelty wears off and you start missing the language and the slang and even the swear words.

Sometimes, it even gets to the point where you might stop a person dead in the street because you heard a familiar word. Yes, that really happens.

In a Thai island

Sometimes, family reunions happen in the strangest places. Sometimes, this is because the relation is extremely distant so you’ll come upon that person while running an errand or at college or…in the middle of an island in Thailand.

At a supermarket in Beirut

It seems like supermarkets are a popular Egyptian hot-spot abroad, so you can keep that in mind if you travel. Who knows? Maybe something like this will happen.

In a Milanese bus

You might be shocked to hear this but public transportation abroad is kind of exactly like the transportation we have here, passengers and all.

At a New York cafe

Did you know that meeting other Egyptians abroad might sometimes get you some freebies or at least a considerable discount? No? Well, now you know and now you might want to take some more pride in your ethnicity!

In a Madrid street

Maybe it’s the way we talk or carry ourselves or just the way we look, but Egyptians have the uncanny ability of telling if you’re one of them without you saying a single word. Case in point.

At a Malaysian metro

Another case of Egyptians finding each other and wanting to integrate themselves back with the language we love and know all too well, curses and all.

Do you have any funny “Egyptians abroad” stories?