Sorry Tinder, time to say goodbye to being the “it” dating App! Facebook is launching its very own dating App, on YOUR profile, not too long from now (We think)!

Facebook’s stated mission has always been “Bringing the world closer”, well they really are, aren’t they? They are currently testing the whole dating profile thing in order to finally release it to users.

The things is, we think it will click with Egyptians more than anyone else and here is why: 

1# “Kalam Fel Hob” is ranked the 2nd most popular workplace in Egypt, seriously:

We don’t know why but some Egyptians love to tell their friends on Facebook that they work at something related to romance or agony, it’s a little weird honestly.

We don’t know if the 1st most popular being “Working at Facebook” is weirder! 

2# Everyone has had enough of the “Others” inbox, even the senders themselves!

Girls, rejoice! You might no longer be spammed with guys in the “Others” section of your inbox, insisting on meeting your parents cause they feel an unexplainable string connection!

Some actually send poems and get extremely annoyed when we don’t reply, but it’s okay cause they’re finally getting a dating App for that, right? 

3# People will no longer have to name their accounts “Ana Aslun Gamed” anymore:

Why claim to be “Gamed” on your profile, when you can finally find someone to prove that to, especially if she’s your match?

Please use your real name, no one will be interested in your Facebook claims! (Thanks)

4# Girls who put Turkish actors as their profile pictures will surely be happy with this:

Those living in the romantic world with Kamal or Mohanad will probably LOVE the idea, because they will probably be thinking they’ll find their Kamal in their Facebook dating match, no?

5# The whole “It all started with a DM” will finally stop:

Our Facebook and Twitter timelines are sometimes crowded with posts of people who started talking through direct messages, getting engaged, with the caption “It all started with a DM”.

9 out of 10 times, they are Thanaweya Amma lesson colleagues who have been crushing on each other from afar!

Well, why bother with who confesses his feelings through a DM first, when an actual dating App that will automatically match you is just a click away?