With Mother’s day around the corner, many of us are getting mixed feelings of awe and love towards our beautiful moms! But can you really blame us? Our moms are our backbones. They are the only reason we are sure love exists. In a world where we are constantly being put down, it’s good to have our moms around to build us up and to love us unconditionally even when we didn’t deem ourselves worthy of that kind of love. Jodi Picoult once said “The best place to cry is on a mother’s arms” and while that is one of the truest things ever told in the history of earth, this article is not for crying. It’s a tribute to our sweet moms who make our lives instantly better! So read through you beautiful moms, because we asked 11 Egyptians what they appreciate the most about you, and this is what they had to say!

1. My Mum is always there for me. She’s always so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate every single thing she does, even though I might not always say it or show it. I love how much she loves us, cares about us, does anything to keep us safe, is always praying for us and always making sure that we have what we need. She constantly forgives me and encourages me to become a better version of myself. She is truly one of a kind.” -Rafaella Deskoores

2. Even during my best moments, when I’m at the utmost level of excitement and having lots of fun, the one person on mind is still my mother. When I’m away from home, whether it’s just a sleepover or when I travel with friends or family members, I get homesick right away. I used to think that home was a place, but home is where the heart is. My home is not a place. My home is a person, and that person is my mother. This is exactly where my heart is.” -Farah Sharawy

3. “My mom is someone that I can’t live without. It’s about her being there for me in my daily life. I might not be the closest girl to her mother and my opinion regarding most things is different from hers, but I know how essential she is and I know that I wouldn’t be able to go through anything without her. It’s that kind of unconditional love that I won’t ever find elsewhere. Even when I do some things that I know are wrong, I always know that my mother will forgive me and will try to make me a better person.” – Anonymous

4. “My mom listens to my endless drama. I follow her around the house talking and talking and talking nonstop, and she always listens. I can’t survive without her, not even a single day. She takes me out when she feels that I’m having a bad day, and we go shopping whenever I’m feeling down. Her name is Lamya and she’s the best human being ever – Jihane Hassan

5. “My mum is literally the one person who understands what I’m going through by just looking at me. She always tries to cheer me up with her endless jokes and stories whenever I’m feeling down. She always looks after me and puts in a lot of effort to do what she has to do. Despite our fights, we literally just make up right afterwards. She always forgives me no matter what. She’s the one person I truly love and look up to. I cherish her existence more than anything else in the world. I’m usually not good at expressing my love, but I genuinely do admire everything about her.” – Shereen El Gendy

6. “My mum has the purest soul. She has devoted all her life for her family. She literally stopped everything the minute she felt that her personal life was overlapping with ours. Her life basically revolves around us! When I was younger, I used to wonder what would she do when we all get married, how will she survive? As years passed, I realized we are the ones who cannot live without her. I need her everyday, at all times. I need to hug her, hear her voice, make her smile. I live a thousand miles far from home, but it’s her that I miss the most. No matter what I do, she always finds the kindness in her heart to forgive me. No matter how fatal my mistake is. I hope that one day I become half the woman she is.” -Nada Abdalla

7.”My mom inspires me to be the best I can be by pushing me forward in life. She’s always supporting me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. God bless her. I’m truly blessed to have her as a mom; she’s a wonder woman. I’d be flawlessly perfect if I was just a third or a quarter the person she is. Our parents give us pretty big shoes to fill that’s for sure.” -Randa Ashraf

8. My mum is the strongest and most selfless woman I have ever known. The amount of pressure she has to deal with from her four kids is phenomenal. Nobody can do her job better. She manages to listen to and support each one of us, and has always and will always continue to sacrifice her needs for our convenience. She has sacrificed and fought so much so we get the best education and life we possibly could, without thinking of herself for just one second. My mother is just incredible. I would consider it a gift from God if I was to become 1/100th of the incredible mother she is.” -Salma Helmy

9.  “I was a fussy and a picky eater most of my childhood. The thing I appreciate the most about my mom is that she’d never given up on me when it came to food and would stick with me even if it took 3 hours for me to finish my meal. I troubled her a lot, like a lot. No act of kindness can ever repay any of it back.” – Anonymous 

10. Mom is the only person on Earth who loves me unconditionally without waiting for anything in return.
She’s the main reason behind me working so hard, so that I can see that sparkle of pride in her eyes.” – Nouran A. ElKhouly

11. “My mom did something that I still thank her for everyday. She allowed me the virtue of learning things the hard way, because I’m a very stubborn person by nature. I always consult her on everything; my assignments or the colour of my nail polish. I don’t stick with her advice 95% of the time and tell her that I won’t just because I’m stubborn like that. She would always tell me it’s up to me, that my choice may not necessarily be wrong but it’s not the perfect one, and that I’ll come to realise that in the future. At some point, I truly grasped that she’s always right to let me learn things the hard way. She gave me the space to commit mistakes and helped me find a way to fix them. She never penalised me for telling the truth. Of course she would teach me a lesson, but she always chose to do it through experience. She truly is a strong woman who was able to bring me up all on her own, and taught me that it’s important for a woman not depend on any other soul when it comes to making choices, planning her future and solving her problems. I really do appreciate her for that and I wish all mothers would allow their children that space because this is what makes me different from everyone around me and gives me the feeling that as long as she’s still here, still having my back and supporting me nothing can ever come close to breaking me or bringing me down.” – Anonymous 

Finally, there aren’t enough words or days in the world for us to thank our beautiful moms. And while we know that, we just wish that you’d view these beautiful humans’ comments, and smile that warm smile of yours, because you, mom, are the most beautiful gift that this universe has ever sent us!