In a distinguished initiative, Egypt opens the first cafe employing Down Syndrome workers in Alexandria. And we’re seriously proud more people are addressing this topic in particular.

So, how did the idea come about?

It all started when Omnia Iman El Bahr, founder of the project, noticed individuals of Down Syndrome at a hyper market and how they act in public spheres. Then, she started to consider establishing her own project hiring an all Down-Syndrome staff.

What she and her co-founder Dalia Abduallah had in mind was the idea of how people with certain disabilities suffer from exclusion from most social activities. Not to mention, their right to have a job that meets their abilities and offer them a chance for a better life.

The cafe named “DO Art Lounge cafe” is now opening its doors in Alexandria and will be hosting all kinds of entertaining activities, seminars, lectures from inspiring figures in all fields. It will be more of a cultural hub and for a good cause too!

Sadly, individuals suffering from Down Syndrome have always struggled to find their place in our society. They were always under-serviced when it came to education, health and entertainment.

However, over the past few years, things have been picking up for them and more action is now being taken regarding the cause. Both the government and social organizations have been taking noticeable steps in order to offer them a chance.

Here are some other examples that are worth mentioning!

Rahma Khaled

Last year, the 22 year old with Down Syndrome made her debut as the first female TV host with Down Syndrome.

The 4 Biscuits

Recently, the very first bakery run by females all with Down Syndrome was launched in the Egyptian market.

Mohamed Al Husseiny

Last June, swimmer Mohamed Al Husseiny became the first UN spokesperson from Egypt With Down Syndrome.

It just gives us great pleasure witnessing all those personal and collective projects that were once a dream, become a reality, finally placing our beloved Egypt on the right track.

So whenever you’re in Alex, make sure to pay these guys a visit!