We love our country and what distinguishes it from most places is our unique sense of humor, willingness to learn (bas b tare2etna) and overwhelming care for people. In homage to our only in Egypt hashtag, we’ve decided to compile the funniest street signs we could find.


3ashan ehna mokhtalefeen w msh hatshofoo el manzar da 3’er f masr, our public service department decided to warn us en khatar terakeb 3eltak kolaha 3ala el fezba beta3tak. Ento begad msh hatkafo.


This has always been a problem in Egypt and we can’t blame you. Heya kolaha beteegy bel sam3. B te2eela wala B/P khafeefa? Public wala Buplic? Mawdoo3 begad peylakhpat.


Because Facebook is so popular… so why not?


At least we can translate.


We do take our wildlife for granted sometimes and forget that our most popular mammal can casually roam the streets of Egypt.

Attention… Camels ahead

Wait for herd to pass

Camel 3atlan


2e7na hanet3’ada fen elnaharda? 3and Sha3ban beta3 el samak el bey2oolo 3aleh. Kalam waqe3y bardo.


El wa7ed bardo 3ayez yegamel no2tet el tafteesh. ‘Chick’ this out and take note.


Since Uber offered a special service for revelers whose circumstances make them unable to drive, Egypt’s taxis decided to customize their own service too. 3ashan esh me3na ya3ni.


L…la2 keda kteer.


We left the best for last because it describes Egypt the best. Zay menta shayef el mawdoo3 kolo basseet enta bas rakez fel gaii wel mashi.


El wa7ed bardo bey7eb yezawed men 3ando 3ashan 7obo lel sha3b el masry. Street signs have always been a thing in Egypt whether they have made us laugh our heads off or burry our heads into the ground. Bas lessa ben7ebek ya om el donya 😉