During one of my extensive walks in the beautiful Island of Zamalek, I discovered El Maiz, a treasure for those who like their pasta right.

El Maiz is an Arabic word meaning the canteen or a small kiosk where students, soldiers or workers eat. And indeed, the very industrial interiors of the eatery scream Industrial, brick walls, metal table and chairs, open kitchen and wooden benches for the outdoor area.

The menu is small concise, only pastas. I went for my all time favorite, Pasta Napolitano with tomato sauce. The quantity was more than enough and the pasta is homemade, cooked from scratch at El Maiz. The sauce was generous and nicely seasoned with garlic and parsley.

The prices range between LE20 to LE30 for a plate of pasta and a soda, which is good for a snack or lunch. El Maiz is originally a Turkish word meaning restaurantโ€ฆBonne appetit.