This must be the funniest title you’ll ever read in your lifetime. Check again, you’re not dreaming…it’s true! The Producer Mohamed El Sobky just received an award for his movies ‘Aflamo El Hadefa‘. Accordingly, we would like to remind you of his GREAT and INSPIRING movies (none that give community awareness):

1- 7alawet Ro7

7alawet ro7

2- 7adeed


3- Bonne Soirรฉe

bon soiree

3- 7abiby Na2eman

7abiby na2eman

4- 7a7a w Tofa7a


5- Ayazono


6- Regata



The funny thing is, the same exact award was given to some ย legendary celebs like “Mahmoud Hemeda and Mohamed Sobhi”.

Do the maths and stop making stupid people famous!!!