In a one of a kind event, a day at the pool was dedicated to the elderly in Samalot, Al-Minya. It was a new way to serve those who deserved our attention the most. The day brought happiness to those people, as well as renewed our faith in humanity.

The joy those pictures bring to any one who looks at them is enough to brighten up our entire weekend.

The activities weren’t short on only spending the day in the pool, but rather included much more than that.

People usually volunteer their time in serving only the ill or the kids, well this service showed us that there is much more to serving people than just making them feel a little better. They decided to add a new meaning to service without waiting for anything in return but to draw a smile on the elderly people’s faces. They broke all the norms of volunteer work or service in the most positive way possible.

Some people forget that as you grow older and older, you get back to being a little child again. All the kids want is to play in the water, and that’s what this anonymous group gave those cute, old, but child at heart people. May we all find ways to serve and make people happy.