Social media posts about the new Egyptian series “Ella Ana” are currently spamming our timelines. But if we learned one thing, doing what we do at Identity Magazine, this doesn’t necessarily mean the given show is actually good. To that end, we’ve decided to watch and be the judges ourselves. Also, if you guys still have no clue, we’ll save you some time.

So the show, written by Youssry El Fakharany, is a 60-episode-series with several standalone storylines. The topics vary from one another; we have domestic abuse, divorce shaming, and many other themes with mostly a feminist approach to them.


In the lead, we have 6 main stars announced. Hanan Motawea, Jamila Awad, Sherry Adel, Arwa Gouda, Wafaa Amer, and Kinda Alloush. Quite the selection, RIGHT?

We still haven’t seen all 6, but so far we can say that the female leads are doing a great job. We love the performances and we can’t wait to see the rest!

But other than the leads, we need to highlight the fact that the show is jam-packed with new and fresh faces and they are all SO GOOD. We have names like Moataz Hesham (who shined in Mamalek El Nar) Abdallah Roshdy, Nancy Salah, Ahmed Anan and Ahmed Kishk.


Since the narratives are separate and since we’re still like less than half way through the series, it would be a little tricky and a bit early to comment on the plot as a whole. However, so far the separate plots are rather coherent and intact. There’s barely any turnoffs!

We appreciate the growing interest in artwork and especially narratives that reflect things from the Egyptian women’s perspective. For example, that opening scene in Sherry Adel’s story about how condescending our society views women who are thirty something and unmarried.


Needless to say, the original soundtrack by Lina Shamamian is definitely something and it’ll probably stick with us for a good amount of time. Haven’t heard it yet?

This is what we think so far. What do you guys think of the “Ella Ana” show?