Elly Adra Feminism or Hypocritical

While you’re minding your business, living through mountains of konafa and mosalsalat, something strange happened. A music video for a late Ramadan show, Leih La2, was dropped. We’re sure you’ve heard of it — it’s everywhere online!

That’s kind of unprecedented, isn’t it? For a show to come in out of nowhere in the middle of Ramadan. Well, guess what’s weirder. The internet’s reaction to the theme song, Elly Adra, that’s what.

See, in an interesting turn of events, no one is a 100% happy with the video’s key-scene where the bride (Amina Khalil) runs out on her wedding — in fact, some people actively hated it.

Some even called it hypocritical because wasn’t this what everyone was upset about a few months earlier when the infamous Mostafa Abo Torta incident happened?

Others (and here’s the shocker) labelled it as actually un-feminist because it paints marriage, commitment, and familial stability as “restricting and stifling” and not fitting the “strong independent woman” narrative.

And since feminism is, after all, simply about a woman’s right and freedom to choose her own path, well, painting some of the choices in a bad light just won’t do.

After these arguments, you may think that this is the right approach. Amina Khalil as a runaway bride isn’t at all empowering or un-hypocritical, isn’t it?

Well, no. The thing is, this scene isn’t at all bad or un-feminist. It’s not even judge-able. We’ll explain.

We know you may have some trouble recalling this but it wasn’t all that long ago that women were being literally forced into marriages they did not want. And it certainly wasn’t that long ago when some women finally got the right to choose and the right to be “strong and independent”.

Here’s another wild fact: just because feminism is about choosing does not mean the choice is marriage. And if the choice is marriage, maybe it’s about marriage to someone you want.

The whole debate around choice alone means that you cannot legitmately compare the Abo Torta Incident with the Amina Khalil character. As far as we know, Mostafa Abo Torta wasn’t forced into his engagement.

But wait, you may want to say, how do we even know that Amina Khalil’s character was forced into marrying that guy? The show didn’t even air yet!

Yeah, exactly. The show has not aired yet and so far all we’ve seen was a music video/promo for it. We know absolutely nothing about these characters or the story-line.

We don’t know if the Amina Khalil character is inherently selfish or just not ready yet or if she gradually grew her strength as the show went on.

We don’t know if the groom (Hany Adel) is a good person or if she’s being silently pushed to marry him for some reason.

And we certainly don’t know if they were in love and maybe he started showing a different side that scared her away and indirectly saved her from an all-too-known fate.

There are so many things we don’t know, passing judgment this early on is just a waste of time. And if some of us are judging the theme song’s video, then why not go all the way? Off the top of our heads, we can count at least four other female characters from all walks of life in the video.

So, yes, we’re still getting the varying life choices we’ve previously discussed and, who knows? The show could end up giving so much care to all the women’s story-lines, we may end up getting something we’ve all desperately wanted — accurate representation.

If you’re worried about the wedding hall bill, don’t worry, it might be refundable. A life, however, isn’t.