Emily In Paris, the new American-French starring rom-com dropped on Netflix this weekend and we think it just saved 2020. Yes, single-handedly. Read on and we’ll tell you why you should binge-watch it NOW!


Girls tend to go crazy over the word “Paris” so of course, the runners decided to put that in the title and honestly it worked. If you think the cliche of the girl trying to thrive in her career and then her boss makes her move to Paris is overused, it is but somehow it still works.

We’ve seen it in Sex and the City (same director by the way), with Rachel from Friends and Andrea from the Devil Wears Prada. Now, we’re getting the same theme more extensively with Emily.


Ladies and gentlemen we give you, Lucas Bravo. Throw in the smoking hot French guy to that equation and you have your ultimate French movie cliche, right? So, Gabriel just happens to be her new neighbor whom she’ll later get stuck with in a weird, yet again super hot love triangle.

Gossip Girl References

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you’ll surely love all the references in this show. Lily Collins’ character “Emily” happens to love the show and she even inspires her fashion style from the iconic Serena van der Woodsen!

Social Media Frenzy

With Jennifer Aniston or Anne Hathaway’s versions, social media wasn’t that big of a deal yet. But the fact that Emily In Paris is all about her marketing career, ad agency and her influencer-like Instagram account, makes it more relatable and relevant. We also hear a lot of words like #MeToo!


Oh God, it’s an absolute fashion heaven. And not just Emily, the entire show and even the men are always looking as sharp as it gets. But will tell you more about that in a follow-up fashion article we have in the making now. Don’t hold thy breath!

It’s just 10 episodes and each episode does not exceed 30 minutes. Hence, you could basically watch it all in one night. We know we did!