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From Shadia to Hanan to many, many more, we’ve all felt some kind of horrible when our favorites eventually call it a day and retire.

Recently, one more music icon said she was calling quits too. Elissa. Yes, the one and only is going to retire after releasing her final album.

Elissa’s Announcement

This retirement news came as a surprise to everyone, though, to the starlet it seems like something that’s already been on her mind for a while.

Elissa announced that the reason she was retiring is that the industry has turned into something of an organized mafia. That’s not the kind of environment, she says, that encourages productivity.

Naturally, the star’s decision has been met with a lot of shock and pleas for her to not follow through with her decision, from fans and other celebrities alike. The former even started a hashtag to show the singer their viral proof of love and support.

Elissa Tweet

Elissa Tweet

Elissa tweet

Elissa tweet

Menna Shalaby, Mike Massey, and Amr Adib were among the celebrities that took to Twitter to tweet their support.

Elissa tweet Amr Adib

Elissa tweet Dominic

Elissa tweet Menna Shalaby

Elissa Tweet Mike Massey

These reactions are just a few among the many more tweets, posts, videos, and photos across the social media platforms. It’s not at all surprising to see, though.

Elissa was always there, in one way or another, if you think about it. She’s a bit like Amr Diab, in that you somehow always know her song lyrics even if you’ve never heard them before.

Whatever it is Elissa chooses to do now, she will always have her fans and she will always have the fact that she cemented herself in our memories through her unforgettable, iconic status.