Written by: Reem Hussein

What is wrong with our society’s standards of beauty? What is funny about publicly humiliating someone because they perceive them as overweight? What’s wrong with not fitting with the idyllic image of the “thin”? Questions that haunt us every time we see someone, especially a woman, undergoing this process of shaming.

Engy Wegdan was faced with this situation a few days ago when she posted a picture of herself posing in her new jeans. She started receiving comments such as “your thighs are too fat” and other comments attacking her body image. There is something fundamentally wrong with the society putting pressure on females to look perfect and thin. We are starting to get obsessed with body images; all the way from advertisements and movies to shopping windows and fashion models.

Please be mindful of your words because they can truly hurt others. Consider that real beauty lies in being realistic and confident and that’s why Engy Wegdan is our superheroine. She faced the criticism with inspiring confidence and refused to succumb to bullies who have nothing better to do with their lives.