To escape-as the Oxford dictionary defines it-is to break free from confinement, or to succeed in avoiding or eluding something dangerous or unpleasant, and it seems that this has been our generation’s trend lately..

The past few years have been generous to many of us, those who were searching for the perfect escape, for the sanctuary, for the place that can embrace us while we try to heal from the scars of the daily life in the crowded city, and we found it. We found Dahab and Nuweiba and Ras Shetan; we found Siwa and Dakhla and many more; we found peace.


“Many people advised me to face reality and live in the real world, that escaping is not an option, and the earlier I face it, the easier my life would be. I chose to do both: face the daily strenuous fake life, but still have my exclusive getaway as a treat, my short trip to my Neverland where I leave everything behind an enchanted invisible gate and live in the desired state of my mind. As the ugly reality bites, I saved me the last piece of cake.” – Khaled Hossam, Drummer.

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” is a question we were often asked growing up; it made us believe that our future is only bound by our imagination. We will be whatever we want to be; we only have to choose. As we grew older we found out that life is much more complicated than that; it never gives you all you wished for and even when it does, it’s never what you had truly imagined. There are always those who choose to give up, each in his own way; either quit their jobs, abandon their families or flee the whole country. And there are those who choose to stay and fight, and in order not to give up, we have to escape to places where we can heal, where we retreat from the world and all its pressures and become ourselves once more..

Dahab, The light house

Of the many reasons why we escape from time to time, is not only to heal and then go back to doing whatever we were doing, but sometimes in the process of finding the perfect job and the perfect conditions, we tend to lose ourselves. This is when we should stop, take a step back, and decide what  we really want in life.

“I usually escape because I still can’t find my place in the world; I can’t find the environment that suits me, and will keep searching till I do,” – Magdy, Faculty of Commerce student, works as a freelance interior designer and a waiter in a coffee shop.

The lack of diversity in the city makes it difficult to see something new, which consequently makes it challenging to be creative and think out of the box.

“I escape because there is no diversity in the city. In big cities, you usually have to live by certain standards, or be parts of certain social groups. In my retreats, no one cares who you are or what you do for a living; you’re just whatever you want to be; you don’t have to fake anything or act like you care about stuff you couldn’t care less about,” – Mohamed Fadl, an electrical engineer and a psychology student.

There is something about the desert, the mountains and the sea that makes your soul happy. You can never get the feeling that you have had enough; you just have to return from time to time to reboot your body and soul.

The Colored Canyon, Dahab, Sinai
The Colored Canyon, Dahab, Sinai