Lately, the generation gap has been expanding rapidly and driving family members apart due to many factors such as technology and Westernization to name a few. For those reasons precisely, a group of Integrated Marketing Communications students at the British University in Egypt, have dedicated their graduation project “Esma3ny Yemken Tefhamny” to highlight the importance of family relationships, bonding and effective communication.

In order to generate change and communicate their message to the public, Esma3ny Yemken Tefhamny got in touch with many different influencers, actors, and singers of all ages including Tamer Habib, Hany Shaker, Wafaa Sadek, Mahmoud El Bizawy, Nadia Mostafa, Hazem Samir, Ahmed Fahmy, Ahmed Bahaa (Bob), Marwan Younis, Abdelrahman Roshdy, Amr Wahba and Bassel Alzarro. They did not stop there; they have also managed to interact with Nehad Abu El-Omsan, President of the Women’s Rights Organization in Egypt, Life Coach Dr. Hisham El Gamal, and Family Counselor Dr. Saeed Abdel Halim.

The campaign’s slogan, “Elet El Tafahom Betzawed El Masafat”, perfectly portrays the message the students are trying to send out to the public. The communication gap between family members will slowly cease to exist with the right amount of tolerance. Communication, patience and understanding are all it takes to solve most of the problems facing families today.

Ramadan is such a great opportunity to start helping the cause of their campaign. There isn’t a better time for families to come together, so let’s all take a step and make a change not only within our own families but within the Egyptian society as a whole, starting in Ramadan and carrying out their message throughout our daily lives.

Graduation Project Members:
Ahmed Gamal, Eisha Shokier, Dareen Safoury, Lama Akbar, and Seba Magdy.