At times, it is difficult to assess the health of your relationship. In many cases, you believe your relationship is a successful one, however, how can you be so sure? Let’s go through the checklist below.

◘ You’re proud of each other’s accomplishments
◘ You trust each other blindly
◘ You see each other better than you two see yourselves
◘ You know all about each other’s aspirations and interests
◘ You’re verbally affectionate
◘ You feel like a team
◘ It is easy to give each other compliments and recognize each other’s qualities
◘ You are each other’s go to person under stress or during moments of depression
◘ You’re both flexible with giving needed attention and receiving it as well
◘ You always feel like yourselves around each other, and don’t need to put up a front
◘ You’ve torn down each other’s walls
◘ You take each other’s opinion
◘ You don’t attack each other during conflicts
◘ You both feel loved and satisfied with each other
◘ You feel equal to one another
◘ You can do anything around each other and with each other, without worry about judgement
◘ Communication is always a factor
◘ You don’t stress on the little vexations that come out of both of you
◘ Your relationship is simple, but not a systematic
◘ You make each other happy


If you can manage at least half of this checklist, you can guarantee yourself a good relationship. Make sure your relationship isn’t abusive; you deserve better!