Everyone has a favorite actor these days and if you don’t have one then you’re lying. Think we’re bluffing? Okay, say you walk into your favorite donut shop, all ready and excited to order, and see an actor whose work you really like behind the counter, dying to serve you. What do you do?

Now, that you’ve imagined it if you said your immediate reaction would be to freak out, scream, and possibly cry, you’d be right!

It’s not everyday that you casually run into your favorite celebrity, much less have them serve you Dunkin donuts—oh yes, did we forget to mention this actually happened?

The totally hypothetical situation we told you about did really happen to a few lucky people who went to their nearest Dunkin shops on regular, completely normal days. They went into their different branches and were surprised by Mourad Makram, Razan Maghrabi, and Heidi Karam, all set to bring them joy and cheer in the holiday season!

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Dunkin has some other surprises hidden up its sleeve for you still, so if you hit one of its branches, you may just be in for a treat.

Come on, who are we fooling? We’ll be heading straight to Dunkin’ after the working hours. We certainly wouldn’t mind coffee, donuts, and a side of some celebrity action!

If you can’t reach a Dunkin’ yet, don’t worry. The donut giant is planning to open even more branches to send fun through all of Egypt.