New Always® #GirlsCan social experiment video reveals the importance of loss of confidence

during puberty and the impact on girls’ dreams


“I wanted to be a doctor”, “a reporter”, “a painter”, but it didn’t work out… Did you ever wonder what happened to the

aspirations and dreams of girls along the way of “growing up?” Why does a girl let go of her dreams? Always, the

leading feminine care brand, discovered that girls tend to give up on their aspirations once they reach the puberty age.

According to the study, 94% of girls aged 13-15 believe they will achieve their dreams, while only 20% of women aged

18-35 were able to achieve their dreams. Girls lose confidence and limit themselves, letting go of the dreams they had

when they were young.

Always launched a social experiment video #GirlsCan on November 4th, 2015, wanting to raise awareness on the

impact of the loss of confidence during puberty on girls’ dreams. The film captures the boundless spirit little girls have

as opposed to the doubt instilled in older ones. Once the curtain that separates them in the film is raised, viewers will

witness the incredibly inspiring way young girls see their future and how they believe confidence can drive them


Always is inviting girls and women everywhere to show the world what a girl can achieve: share your dream with us.

Take a pic shoot a video or tweet using #GirlsCan, and inspire young girls everywhere that anything and everything is

possible with confidence.

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